Book Review: The Hustle-Free Business by Amy Birks

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I can sure use a Ninja to grow my business!

Amy Birks got me in the intro with “Your kids are growing up, making those microscopic changes moment by moment that you just can’t get back.” I so agree, we are all caught up in life, that before you know, it will pass us by in an instant if we are not careful. John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Her RESULTS Rituals are easy to follow! Look out 2017, the year of 1 = New Beginnings, I am going to implement this plan! Her breakdown about the two types of resistance to growing your business completely resonated with me. I love how she hit the mark by addressing how it’s not just about following someone else’s formula to success, but it’s about the secret formula that is hidden within each individual for their own way of obtaining success and enjoying life at the same time. Genius.

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