Book Review: No Time To Lose by Debbie Lazinsky

Book No time to lose

Simple no nonsense plan

 You got me at “A surplus in cash is great, but in calories, not so much.” When you know that high risk surgical interventions are not for you, this book is a must read. Debbie Lazinsky was featured in People magazine’s “Half My Size” issue in January 2014 and her amazing story of her Dad’s visit with her before the magazine photo shoot sent chills up my spine. Love and acceptance conquers all things. “Habits are actions we do without much thought.” Okay, I am ready for my weight loss journey! I love how she created “The Linda Project”, linda in Spanish means: pretty; Hermosa; beautiful; bella; bonita; guapa; guapo or handsome. Being Hispanic I quickly resonated with where she was going. Her advice is so simple to follow and so forgiving, why didn’t I think of this? Now I don’t have to!! Yep, I’m ready.

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