Book Review: #iamdone by Amber McLean

book iamdone

The mystique of success for women

Have you ever wondered about why you don’t feel like you are on top of the world, when you are on top of the world? This book answers that key question and more. As a woman in transition myself, in that in between becoming stage from active midwife to mentor of women about to give birth, this book packed the spiritual punch I needed to finally realize that I am AWAKE, and there is no going back to how life use to be. First of all, I had heard of this book from a friend, but then it was hard to find in the search engine because I forgot to put in the hashtag. I found it, got it and started reading. Suddenly, I felt as though Amber was sending me a cryptic message. I kept seeing her quote someone called “ambodhi”, who is that? It felt esoteric, so I decided to Google it….I suggest you do the same. But to keep the intrigue at its highest, first get this book, read it before you Google, then wait for it… will never be the same again!

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