Pregnancy: Clearing Away The What If’s…

Pregnancy Pillar 2156x1924Pregnancy:

A new chapter in your life that can be very exciting and full of surprises and a wide range of emotions:
• Fear of the unknown (or known) if you’ve been pregnant before
• Anxiety about history repeating itself because you’ve had a previous negative experience
• Anger, oops the birth control didn’t work, here we go again!
• Sadness, whether it’s the hormones or you received bad news at the last prenatal visit
• Shame, embarrassment or any “What if…” you can think of.
• Yikes! My body is morphing and I have stripes!
• For caregivers of pregnant women, learn how best to support their emotional needs.


Clearing these haunting negative emotions is the key towards awakening your life power through childbirth with grace. Watching this show will give you the tools you need to have a peaceful pregnancy.

I’m so excited to be helping you every week on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm eastern USA. Just simply go to ChildbirthWithGrace.TV  and scroll down until you see me, Ilia Blandina and click the button that reads “Login – Instant Access”, you will have to confirm your email and in you go!

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“Until next time keep tapping and let the loving tree of your celestial family be your guide to Awaken Your Life Power. Stay present in the moment, enjoy life and be well!”

Ilia Blandina

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