Strangeness and Charm in Relationships

Enjoy “Strangeness and Charm” by Florence & the Machine

To me the song speaks about the energy that holds us together. We can’t see it but it’s what attracts us and binds us. It’s filled with a lot of scientific imagery.  Strange and charm are types of quarks, as well as down and up. Strange and charm quarks can only be created in high energy collisions. Her song is all about the chemistry of intense love and how just a touch sets off the chemical reaction. What a great feeling!

Read the lyrics while watching the video.

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One thought on “Strangeness and Charm in Relationships

  1. Hello Jane,I have thyroid isuess too. I tried to fix my thyroid. While working on this I found alot of emotional isuess? around my thyroid. I am a holistic therapist. I found that I was not able to speak my own truth. The more I tapped on this issue the better I felt. I hope this helps you.You may have another issue for your thyroid.. Some times if we think about it we can find the emotional connection to our illness.Good luck.

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