Class #2 What is Tapping anyway? 9/16/2015

What is Tapping Anyway?

Tapping helps you minimize your fears, stresses and concerns around your whole childbirth experience.
I’ll be demonstrating how you use this amazing tool, [which I used as a mid-wife], right on the show.

  • I’ll share a bit of history behind ‘Tapping’
  • I’ll explain what the ‘Points’ are and where they are located
  • After today’s show you’ll have a great ‘go to’ in the moment stress reducer in your own tool box
  • Be sure to join us on to receive your free ‘tapping chart’

To schedule a private Complimentary Chat simply click here and I will personally be contacting you as quickly as possible.

“Until next time keep tapping and let the loving tree of your celestial family be your guide to Awaken Your Life Power. Stay present in the moment, enjoy life and be well!”

Ilia Blandina

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