Someone Like You

Someone Like You

Adele talks about meeting her former lover in the future where he is happy and settled down and she is still alone. Now listen to this song with the idea of meeting a version of yourself in the future. Would it be the successful you or the you that settled for less? This is an interesting twist, but if we had a time machine what would we tell ourselves to make our dreams come true?

Negative emotions and self talk can keep you from the best that you can be. EFT can clear these negative emotions and help you get on your way to the you that you’ve dreamed about.

The person you are waiting for is YOU!

Whether it’s to develop better relationships or have the most peaceful pregnancy or fearless delivery. Get rid of your negative baggage that is holding you back! Contact me for further information.


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  1. Thanks Caroline, Morning’s a good idea too, but that’s my meditation and yoga time, so I tend to do this one in the aofrenotn as a pick-me-up, or before going out. So simple, and so effective. Thanks for sharing your blog link here too well worth checking out for anyone interested in all aspects of birth and wellness. xBeth

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