Birth: Break The Fear Tension Pain Cycle!

Birth collage


Your goal is to have a graceful birth experience, but how do you get from point Ahh! to point Baby?!

  • Break the Fear Tension Pain cycle before it gets rolling!
  • Learn how to prepare and control your inner thoughts.
  • Get the tools to transform your emotional environment before things get hot & heavy.
  • Learn how to gently guide the people around you to best support you.
  • Fearful and nervous about being the birth coach! I might faint!


It’s wonderful, it’s magical, and it’s a unique experience. It’s also a stunningly emotional experience, and not just because of the hormonal spikes. Ask anyone who has witnessed a birth or have given birth and they will tell you how it changed their life. This show will give you the tools you need to have childbirth with grace!

I’m so excited to be helping you every week on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm eastern USA. Just simply go to ChildbirthWithGrace.TV  and scroll down until you see me, Ilia Blandina and click the button that reads “Login – Instant Access”, you will have to confirm your email and in you go!

To schedule a private Complimentary Chat simply click here or call 305-771-5052 and I will personally be contacting you as quickly as possible.

“Until next time keep tapping and let the loving tree of your celestial family be your guide to Awaken Your Life Power. Stay present in the moment, enjoy life and be well!”

Ilia Blandina

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