The Shift


The time period from 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 is referred to as the Golden Age of Change by many traditions including Buddhism, Taoism, and Hopi. Beginning with the date 12-12-12, which the Mayan and Vedic texts refer to as the end of an era, that culminates in the astrological alignment on 12-21-12, when our sun will be at the center of our galaxy. This will bring an influx of energies from the center of our galaxy. ¬†I believe the opening of heart chakras that has already begun in 2012 will expand to an opening of the crown chakra for many people, enabling them to ascend their vibrations of good. This could really open up your life as manifestation will ‘work’ more easily and such ascended people will have great influence toward a better world. That’s the promise of December 21st: as Owen Waters calls it, the Shift.

I will be attending a sacred ceremony at The Miami Circle 12.12.12 Extravaganza at 12:12 pm. I encourage everyone to attend any special services in your local area. If you are in or near Miami and have the time come join us.


As we enter into the New Age, for any help in your transition by releasing negative emotions please contact me.

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