Book Review – Why Can’t I Drink Like Everyone Else? by Rachel Hart

Rachel Hart bookThe Arrival of a New Way of thinking about drinking too much and how to fix it!

This book is a gentle guide to living life in moderation and finding your personal peace with drinking alcoholic beverages.  The author helps you reflect on your “about last night” moments by sharing her journey through the same type of moments. In doing so, the reader finds they are not alone in the struggle of serial overindulgence. This book teaches you how to stop alcohol as a band aid for how you are feeling about yourself.  I discovered this quote is the foundation of her teachings: “Alcohol becomes a crutch when you unconsciously teach your brain that it makes a specific situation easier or a part of your life more bearable, usually because you don’t have alternative means to cope with discomfort.” Rachel invites us to look at a different paradigm about drinking too much by helping us shift from the old standby of thinking that you have to be labeled an alcoholic because you have a disease or a character flaw. With this book Rachel brings in the concept that drinking too much has been a learned behavior for coping that once examined can be unlearned.  She does not deny the need for treatment of alcoholism or that it exists but she fills the gap for those people who want to moderate their behavior of how they deal with the stressors of their life, especially during social situations. Rachel breaks it down to the think – feel – act cycle and shows you how to control the drinking part of how you respond to your emotions. Rachel has also put together many exercises for self discovery of how to overcome your obstacles that create drinking too much as a solution to your problems. Excellent book!

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